Southside Fire Company
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Southside Fire Company Training Trailer
Southside Fire Company has a state-of-the-art mobile training trailer built by Kidde. This Trailer has many unique features and is available to other departments as well!  We believe that one of the best safety procedures is proper training and by utilizing our trailer we can train in real life-like simulations in a completely safe and controlled environment.  
This trailer includes many great training capabilities including: 

- 3 Live burns (one is rollover effect)

- Ambient sound, hear the fire burning, includes other sounds like babies crying, dog barking and more

- Forcible entry door mock up

- Smoke machine built in

- 2 Stories, can simulate basements fires, or upper floor entry
- Roof pitch with replaceable section for ventilation and hatch to allow smoke and heat escape as you vent as in a real situation

- Perfect for search and rescue practice

- Perfect for ladder practice

- State certified and usable for classes

If your dept. is interested in learning more, or wants to set up a tour or schedule a training contact Chief Nick Fowler by clicking the Button Below and he will get back to you as soon as possible
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